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Sujata Homeappliances , the House of Purity, the most trusted brand in healthcare products and home appliances, offers you innovative solutions to protect your family from waterborne diseases, airborne diseases, pesticides & chemicals in fruits and vegetables, dust & mold in beds


Our Vision

One of our visions is to always provide the best in customer service. We do not only promising for the best quality, also we try to give you full customer support while you facing any problem or required any service. We do not believe to irritate the customer through visiting again and again for services.

Why to Choose Us

Healthy and pure water is always being the need of human being. As impurity in water can be a big cause of unwanted diseases.


Due to climatic changes, draughts, industrial wastes & alarming levels of salinity sources like rivers, catchments and reservoir systems are under dire stress resulting in the deteriorating water quality day by day.

Auto Sense

Sujata RO purifiers have its auto sensor. First, it automatically senses when the tank is empty and refills it. This key feature helps to some extent because in some cases, we have to manually fill the tank

Wall Mountable

DuisIf you not living in the specious place then our wall mountable RO purifiers are easy to place anywhere. Sujata RO purifiers perfectly adopt little space in your kitchen and don’t conquer the kitchen area unnecessarily

Color Tones

Color range of Sujata RO purifiers is elegant and suits to all types of kitchen. There is almost same color coding in our products with different styles. Get Sujata RO purifiers with advanced technology.

Purifies Types of water

Sujata has built its brand name in the market because it purifiers all types of water whether it is soft or hard water, Sujata RO makes it fit for cooking and drinking


Select your RO purifiers according to your requirement. We have different capacity sizes RO systems and you can take suitable one as per your need.


Customer Confidence Center

Innumerable imitators claim to be from Sujata because they seek to capitalise on the goodwill that we built over 15+ years. They want to leverage the trust with which over 30,000 customers welcomed our RO Systems in to their homes with confidence and enjoyed relationship for life.

In keeping with our history of listening closely to our customer and being the first to introduce a host of services that anticipate their needs, we have introduced yet another unique facility for the first time in India. It is inspired by the faith our customers repose in us to safeguard their families. We call it Customer Confidence Center. Please follow the five easy steps defined below when ever someone knocks your door claiming to be from SUJATA HOME APPLIANCES PVT. LTD.:

Office Hours : 07:30 and 19:00 Monday to Saturday,Sunday - Holiday

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