Be Safe. Feel Secure.In 5 Easy Steps.

Innumerable imitators claim to be from Sujata because they seek to capitalise on the goodwill that we built over 15+ years. They want to leverage the trust with which over 30,000 customers welcomed our RO Systems in to their homes with confidence and enjoyed relationship for life.

So, how can you be sure that an unknown person who says he is from Sujata Home App. really is from our Company? How can you open your door with confidence?

In keeping with our history of listening closely to our customer and being the first to introduce a host of services that anticipate their needs, we have introduced yet another unique facility for the first time in India. It is inspired by the faith our customers repose in us to safeguard their families. We call it Customer Confidence Center. Please follow the five easy steps defined below when ever someone knocks your door claiming to be from SUJATA HOME APPLIANCES PVT. LTD.:

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1st Step

Request our Sales/Service Specialist who has called on you for his ID card and ask for his Unique password.

2nd Step

Dial 810-10-13000, 811-53-12345 (for Sales enquiry or Service).

3rd Step

Communicate the name of our Sales/Service Specialist who is at your door.

4th Step

Our center will give you Id Number and Unique Password.

5th Step

If both the Number on ID card and the Unique password match, you can open your door with confidence, assured that he is our bonafide employee.

Sujata Ro Water

Then, go ahead, welcome the friendly man from SUJATA HOME APPLIANCES PVT. LTD. and enjoy a relationship for life.

For your service queries, dial the Sujata Helpline 81010-13000